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A mobile app for accessing Soulful Gathering from your Android device is now available. Features include:
  • push notifications to your mobile phone.
  • private messaging similar to facebook messenger.
  • social networking features including the news feed/wall posts, profiles, comments, photos, likes, etc.

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Username and password are the same as you use for the website.

Android users should click the Google Play icon below to download the app. Users with iOS/iPhones can access this site using a mobile browser for now - more mobile stuff including an app to access your portal accounts and readings is in the works and will be available soon.

Latest Site News
8/8/18: Tagging system/new ISP

I apologize for the recent downtime of this site and Alura's portal. I was forced to switch internet service providers for my server at the last minute, and ended up having to wait a few days before I could get new service. We're all good now though and on an even faster line so things should be more reliable and faster.

The other thing I wanted to quickly mention is that we now have a tagging system on here where you can tag people in posts either by @firstname_lastname or @username. It'll show you an autocomplete as you start typing (type '@' in the post box to try it out), which you can cycle through by pressing 'Tab'. Someone ended up hiring me recently to make a tagging system for their site, so I had the code already laying around and figured why not throw it on here.



About Soulful Gathering
Welcome! Soulful Gathering is a social networking website where we discuss spiritual topics of all sorts and anything related to spirituality. Discussions frequently revolve around topics including (but not limited to): past lives/reincarnation, the nature of reality, "conspiracy theories", extraterrestrials, God, angels, and much more. You can read more on the about page. We don't have many rules here, but we do ask the following:

  • try to be constructive and respectful. no derogatory comments or harassment of members. we're not saying don't disagree - just be polite about it.
  • don't spam the site.
  • strong opinions are fine, and we will never engage in active censorship, but please let your posts be motivated by kindness and basic human decency. racism/bigotry, or aspersions towards generalized groups or categories of any living being will not be tolerated.